The Shot: Illustration of an old, beat-down boombox.
Time Spent Designing: 16 hours.
Specific Model: CLAIRTONE 7985 Boombox Ghetto Blaster J1 SUPER JUMBO.
Project Spec: Personal Project.
Noteworthy: The original speakers were hard to illustrate in their original shape due to bad lighting. The chrome was hard enough and I accepted it as a challenge, but the outer rims folding over the case where just too much. Since it was a personal project I decided to replace the speakers with ones I thought were more fitting (and easier to recreate).
Also, note that some of the lights are on because it looked cooler this way.

It’s been quite a ride but for my first ever illustration project I’m very happy with the outcome. I browsed around quite a lot to find cool objects to illustrate and let me tell you it wasn’t easy picking one due to a shortage of high-quality images. I used Photoshop for all of the work and with the exception of the 2 logos (Clairton and Super Jumbo) I didn’t use any outside material. My Intuos5 Touch table came in handy for some of the scratches though I mostly used my mouse since I don’t have enough training with the pen.

My main concern was the perspective. I previously saw a beautiful shot on Dribbble that had loads of attention but some people were commenting on the perspective not being right. Since I didn’t use any 3D software to model the object, nor did I have any great pictures, I decided to create what seemed natural to me. I hope I got it right.

Check out the gallery and you can download the image below in its original version and as a 512×512 transparent icon (no commercial usage).

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Download Illustration of CLAIRTONE 7985 Boombox Ghetto Blaster J1 SUPER JUMBO 

Download 512px Icon