It seems I missed the flat wave of freebies but, hey, better late than never. Here is my first ever icon set that features 18 flat icons. Alas, they’re rasterized so you can’t enlarge them but they’re made of 128 x 128 pixels so that should be more than enough for your projects. Since this is my first one, I’m pretty sure I have some slight issues here and there but I’ll be sure to work harder on the next sets. Speaking of which, let me know if you want any particular ones included in volume 2.

Included you have:

  • .psd file in which you can edit the color of the background shapes;
  • .png icons with their original background at 128 x 128;
  • .png icons with no background at various sizes;

As always spread the love and show your support by sharing it with the world!

Download Freebie PSD: 18 Flat Icons РVolume 1