Hello, my name is Cristian Doru Barin, but most people know me online as “thislooksgreat“. The name doesn’t come from my appreciation of my own personal appearance, but from the reaction I want people to have when they see my design work. I’m in my mid 20’s, I live in Eastern Europe, Romania, Bucharest and I’m passionate about web design.

I specialize in the design phase of web design, so I work only in Photoshop. I don’t code any of my work. Instead I create high quality website designs or user interfaces and with the resulting .psd files the client can hire a coder and have it implemented.

A little Q and A to speed things up.
Q: Why don’t you code your designs? Isn’t it better to offer the complete package?

A: I prefer to focus my attention 100% on the design phase because this is the best way to get better at it. Mastering 2 crafts at a time is much more difficult, more time-consuming and the progress is evidently slower.

Q: Do you do this full-time?

A: I don’t much of anything full-time anymore since I’m always juggling multiple projects at a time: this blog, my Android app business, and my Photoshop tutorials. Between all these there’s very little time left. For that reason I’m not taking on any new projects.

Q: Do you have any fancy diplomas?
A: Nope. I’m 100% self-taught. That means that I didn’t go to any seminar, I didn’t follow any course, I simply watched as many tutorials as possible and with the help of trial and error and a lot of studying I arrived at this point. It was quite a struggle in the beginning. I had to plow through a lot of tutorials that had loads of filler material. I’m talking about hours of silly interface customization work or presenting techniques that you’d use maybe twice a year.

I’ve seen most of them out there: from the beginner level all the way up to the advanced “mastery” stages; from general subjects like “Photoshop for Advanced Users” to very precise ones like “Photoshop for Web Design”. After watching all these, I glued the information together, threw most of it out and through constant reading and brushing up, I managed to develop my skill

Q: Then what’s the purpose of this blog?

A: Continuing the point above I struggled to get good information when I first got started so for that reason I decided to become a Photoshop teacher. Through this blog I hope to point people in the right direction in regards to their Photoshop training.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Use the contact form and I’ll gladly answer.